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3 More Tips on How to Create a Productive Office Space

Recent researchers have gone on to prove that office design and the environment has a great impact on employee productivity. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for an office renovation contractor for planning and rearrangement of office space, make sure you choose an experienced service provider. Here are some more tips for building a productive workspace.

1. Keep a mix

What should you choose, closed cubicles or an open office? The debate rages forever. As your F&B renovation specialist will tell you, a mix of both is what you should aim for. Open spaces, foster companionship and develop a great social fabric at work. However, it has also been observed that employees do yearn for private spaces and privacy at times. Therefore, it is good to have a couple cabins for private interactions.

2. Keep an eye on the lighting

The focus today is on natural diffused lighting. CGLs and LED lamps mimic natural lighting and are generally considered best for workspaces. Individual lighting can also be specified for cubicles. Employees should ideally be allowed to choose their own lighting fixtures or table lamps for their private cubicles, in order to create an ambient environment of their choice.

3. Focus on comfort

Sitting for long hours all day or staring at a computer screen for long hours can be pretty uncomfortable leading to chronic health issues like back pains, eye problems and so on. Providing ergonomic solutions to employees, offering them comfortable chairs with spine rest and attaching anti-glare mechanisms on desktops will help in creating a more comfortable and productive atmosphere at work.

Ask your office renovation contractor if he has a thorough knowledge of the HVAC system that has been used in the office. The vents and temperature controls should be conveniently placed so that the desired adjustments can be made as and when required. An uncomfortable temperature could be a huge productivity killer.

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