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3 Tips for Minimalistic Workplace Design

Workplace designing has its own set of challenges. Unlike other living spaces, a place where you work from needs to be comfortable, free from distractions, positive in ambience and possibly even lively and energetic! There are multiple challenges involved. As your office renovation contractors will advice, the best way to go about designing your place of work is to resort to a minimalistic design. Here are some tips to adhere to.

1. Keep less furniture

It is important to keep it simple. Think of the furniture items you just cannot do without. A desk and a chair would perhaps be the first items that come to your mind. Subsequently, you may consider one or two storage cabinets for stacking important documents, stationary or other items of use. Refrain from including items meant for beautification alone.

2. Use dim, cold lighting shades

As your F&B renovation specialist will reiterate, using the right lighting theme can make a whole lot of difference to the ambience of your workspace. One good idea would be to use , which help make the atmosphere ideal for working. Remember, however, that too much warm lighting may create a snug ambience not ideal for productivity enhancement.

3. Do not include personal accessories in your scheme of things

Your office renovation contractor might ask you to keep every bit of personal accessory out of your workplace and quite rightly so. Your personal memorabilia like photos or mementos do not exactly fit into a minimalistic workplace. There should be no provisions for accommodating them, therefore. You can save on desk space, wall space and floor space if you keep it simple and uncluttered.

Choosing the right color contrasts will also help in striking the right cord. You can go with an all white theme with some bold red or black inserts or something quite similar.

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