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4 Important Steps to Planning Your Office Renovation

As with any project work, planning is an important phase of office renovation in Singapore. There are a number of things to plan before getting started. From setting your goals to fixing your budget and building your team, you have a lot do in the planning stage itself. If you want to renovate your office but not sure where to start; here are 4 important steps to take during the planning phase.

1. Set your goals and deadlines

First things first, you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your retail shop renovation or office renovation in Singapore. Maybe you want minor upgrades to doors and windows or a complete overhaul of your front office. Whatever you goals, you should identify them and plan accordingly. Now plan your budget and consider what’s feasible. If you do not have budget for everything, you should be able to decide which one or two things you want to do first. Also, set a deadline for each activity. To that end, consider talking to an expert to find out how much time it usually takes.

2. Choose a contractor

The second important step in the planning phase is choosing the right contractor. You need a good team to help bring your ideas to life. At this stage, you should do enough research to find out a reliable contractor. Look for a company that has years of experience in the field. One good idea would be to visit their website and read reviews and testimonials. Also, check their background and ask for references. Once you shortlist a few companies, consider meeting them face to face. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask. For instance, you may want to know about their area of expertise, what type of project they’ve successfully completed in the past, and how they usually communicate with their clients during the course of a renovation project.

3. Discuss the plan

After you’ve hired a contractor, it is time to discuss your plans in details with the contractor. For instance, you may want to provide some color suggestions depending on what type of mood you want to set in your office. Bright and bold colors often help bring more energy into the office environment. You may also want to choose furniture designs that complement your work culture. For instance, removing the cubicles may help send across a message of openness and transparency. Communicate your ideas and be open for accepting any good suggestions from your team.

4. Prepare for contingency

Set aside a portion of your budget for any unforeseen situations. No matter how well you plan, things do not always go as planned. So prepare for any setbacks. For instance, if you are shifting to a temporary office for the renovation work, make sure that the temporary office would be available even after the stipulated deadline, if required. You can also talk to your contractor and seek advice on how to deal with any possible setbacks.

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