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How to Use Office Design to Tell Your Brand’s Story

If you really care about your company’s mission, vision, values and brand identity, you should use every opportunity to promote them. Even an innovative office design can help tell your brand’s story. Whether you are planning for F & B renovation or office renovation, it is possible to incorporate your brand message in your office design. However, storytelling through office design is a delicate art and not a job of anyone. You should hire an office renovation contractor who has an eye for aesthetics and enough experience in doing this kind of work. You cannot simply imprint your brand’s logo and colors on the office walls. Here are some useful tips.

Identify your story

It does not require mentioning that you should have a clear idea of what your brand’s story is. What do you want to highlight? What sets your brand apart from the competition? What are your mission, vision and values? Once you identify your brand’s story, it would be easier to incorporate it through your designs.

Do your research

Now find out colors or shapes that go well with your theme. For instance, some colors or artworks may help set the mood of your story. At this stage, you can take the help of an expert designer.

Look at your logo

Your company’s logo can be a good starting point for your brainstorming. It can give you significant clues on what colors you should use and what shapes best complement your theme. However, do not simply put the logo everywhere in your office. You can take a more subtle approach. For instance, you may want to make the background designs of your logo and office walls look quite similar, while deliberately not altering the front designs.

Another good idea would be to use photos and artworks to tell your story through your interior design.

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