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Retail Shop Renovation

Retail Renovation

If you have a retail shop in Singapore but not enough sales, you are not alone. With customers increasingly adopting online shopping, physical store owners across the country are feeling the pinch.

E-commerce penetration in Singapore is set to reach 74 percent by 2020. Further, half of all shoppers in Singapore are likely to adopt online shopping, if given an opportunity.

While you cannot reverse the trend, you definitely can improve your point-of-purchase displays and get attention of even the most tech-savvy consumer.

All you need is a complete overhaul of your retail shop. And this is exactly where Eight Design™ can help you.

We provide end-to-end retail shop renovation in Singapore. Whether you want to rearrange your store windows or change the lights and mannequins, contact us for a face-to-face consultation and see how our expert designers can turn things around for you, literally.

How We Can Help You

We, at Eight Design™, bring two decades of our experience in retail store architecture to your business. Our designs are known to be intuitive, dynamic, and tailored to the customer’s requirements. We deal not only in store design, but offer valuable inputs on maintaining the aesthetics, accessorizing the space and furniture arrangement. We have a team of talented and qualified interior designers that can deliver flawless design solutions for offices, retail stores, and F&B outlets.

Eight Design™ has been a respected name in the field of retail shop design and renovation in Singapore. We have designed and redefined store interiors and spaces for illustrious names like Yamaha, Daikin, Changi Airport, Huawei, and Hitachi. Our versatility with our offerings has also helped us win Singapore’s prestigious Outstanding Enterprise Award.

How Retail Shop Renovation in Singapore Can Bolster Sales

Recent studies found that companies investing in store renovation see up to 20 percent growth in revenue, right away. If you have had a design from the past, renovating it to adapt to changing product lines and consumer perceptions is highly important. Longer gestation periods in Singapore malls and low vacancy rates (which in turn fail to attract customers) mean owners need to keep innovating and renovating. Often, the change needed could be as simple as changing the light, getting a fresh paint job done, or getting new furniture custom-made for improved functionality. Remodeling not only helps attract and win more customers, but improves employee efficiency.

At present, retail shop renovation in Singapore is crucial to the success of most brick-and-mortar businesses. It is an investment that provides far-reaching benefits in the long run. An attractively designed retail store encourages passers-by to visit the store. Some of these visitors may eventually turn into customers. Since you will need the attention of a broad consumer base, blending traditional elements of architecture with new-age features is imperative. Eight Design™, with its firm footing in the retail renovation industry, helps store owners create meaningful interior design tailored to their exact needs.

What We Offer

We are committed to help store owners unleash the power of good designs. We take the time and effort to understand your design goals and deliver exactly what you want. Our turnkey capabilities have made us the industry leaders in a short span of time. At Eight Design™, our offerings include premium interior design consulting, and both construction and renovation services.

Eight Design™ leads the market in Point-of-Purchase displays in Singapore. It has been time and again proved that POP displays drive 75 percent of all sales made inside stores. Be it a cardboard rack for candies, an edgy, metallic display for auto parts, or an interactive display for a specific part of the store, we do it all. We also offer customized furniture schemes that reflect the brand’s unique identity.

Eight Design™ also offers installation of mezzanine, racking, and fire safety systems in addition to revamping of store interiors. For addition and alteration related work, we also provide Professional Engineer endorsements.

What Makes Eight Design™ Unique

Apart from regular renovation services like carpet installation, door access, and security solutions, Eight Design™ also provides solutions customized to individual requirements. If you have café facilities adjoining your facility, we also provide interior design solutions geared to F&B businesses.

The emphasis on aesthetics and functionality at once, is what makes Eight Design™ a unique retail store renovation provider. Our company has grown from strength to strength due to its focus on superior design and carpentry. We undertake a range of jobs, from decoration and design, to carpentry and remodeling, for a variety of spaces.

Our constant attempts to redefine and renovate retail spaces have been recognized by the Housing and Development Board, CaseTrust, bizSAFE, and several other authorities and organizations. No matter what the nature of your business, you can trust us to deliver effective renovations for your retail shop.

Simple design changes can go a long way to improve your retail sales.  Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us today for an effective retail shop renovation.