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Top 4 Tips for Creating a Productive Office Space

The look and feel of your workplace can have a great impact on how productively you work. Be it the overall ambience of your workplace, the impact of lighting or the noises and smells around; they all contribute to the element of comfort and hence the productivity too. Here are four tips for creative a productive workplace with the help of a professional service provider for office renovation in Singapore.

1. Let there be light

The right kind of lighting helps in maintaining focus on tasks and also create an inspiring work environment. Bad lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and an overall sense of irritability. Dark spaces even result in depression. Therefore, getting the lighting right should be one of the first tasks to undertake. Attempt to create, bright, soothing, well-lit space that generates positivity.

2. Set the temperature right

Maintaining an ambient temperature at your workplace could be a challenge unless some pre-renovation measures have been undertaken. Before opting for retail shop renovation or office space renovation, make sure you know enough about the HVAC system. You need to have vents and temperature controls that are conveniently placed for the comfort of all. Adjustments would be required as the atmospheric temperature rise through the day.

3. Create a quiet workspace

Disruptions kill productivity. Research proves that once disrupted, it can take almost 23 minutes for a worker to regain concentration. Creating a calm, quiet and disruption-free workspace is more important for productivity enhancement than you actually think. You can consult your office renovation contractor on how to get the desired results. For instance, they may recommend you to opt for soundproof window panes, glass partitions, etc.

4. Important ergonomic checks

You should focus on the ergonomics of your workstation as well. Make sure there is a minimum 24 inches distance between the computer screen and the eyes. Reclining chairs that reduce pressure on the spine are the best bet for reducing pains and discomfort in the lower back area. Footrests could be great additions too.

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