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Top Tips for Ensuring Fire Protection at the Workplace

No matter the size and nature of your business, you should prioritize fire protection over anything else. And the prioritization should start right from the planning stage of your office building construction or renovation. Whether you are planning for retail shop renovation or office renovation in Singapore, you should take the necessary steps for ensuring fire safety of the building. Here are some useful tips.

Conduct risk assessment

Before the construction or renovation work starts, your contractor should carry out a risk assessment at your office building. The person should be able to identify potential threats and hazards and plan your fire safety accordingly.

Get a fire alarm system

Fire alarm systems help detect a fire at an early stage, so that everyone in the building can be alarmed and evacuated well in time. Consider installing an advanced alarm system that can sense any danger from the very first smoke or heat signals. Your office renovation contractor should be able to help you choose and install the right alarm system.

Ensure proper installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment

There are different types of fire extinguishers for different needs. You need to choose one that caters to your exact requirements. When choosing, you should consider the mechanism of the fire equipment, including how the doors open and how the sprinkler system works. Paying attention to the small details is important. Make sure you get the system installed by an expert. You should also plan how you want to maintain the fire equipment. Have an expert regularly check for any defects or faults and get it cleaned after every few months. You should always keep the equipment ready and in proper working condition.

It is also important to appoint someone for the purpose of fire safety. The responsibilities of the person should include carrying out regular checks on the fire system and reporting any defects well in time.

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